Firefighting Technical Services

MAVESSE is realizing servicing for any kind of firefighting vehicles and systems, whatever the Original Equipement Manufacturer. Thanks to its highly skilled engineers and its mobile workshops, MAVESSE can proceed to servicing directly on-site.

High Volume Pumping

MAVESSE is the official representative of HYTRANS FIRE SYSTEM for France. HYTRANS HydroSubs are specially designed to pump and supply water in situations beyond the limits of conventional firefighting systems. HYTRANS FIRE SYSTEM makes it possible to quickly lay-out several kilometers of large diameter hose lines (up to 300 mm) and to recover them as easily with its semi-automatic Hose Recovery Unit.


Combined with HydroSub 150, HYTRANS FLOOD MODULE can reach 50 000 L / min in order to limit the consequences of flood or to dry a complet area.

Hose Recovery Units

The Hytrans Fire System Hose Layers equipped with the HRU Hose Recovery Unit provides an excellent high speed cost effective hose laying and retrieving operation. Hydraulic driven hose retrieval system for 6” – 8” – 10” and 12” hose. 1000 meter large diameter hose (6”) recovered in only 30 minutes.

Foam Injection

HydroSubs with booster pumps can have built-il accurate and efficient foam injection system : HYTRANS POWERFOAM. This system can also be proposed to customers as a stand alone POWERFOAM when foam has to be injected close to fire zone.

Firefighting Technical Services

MAVESSE is supplying on-site services and repair on any kind of firefighting vehicles and equipments.

Emergency Servicing

MAVESSE Servicing Engineers can be on-site within 24/48 h in case of emergency repair needed.

High Volume Pumping

MAVESSE is HYTRANS FIRE SYSTEM representative for France.

After Sales

After Sales on repair and service is directly realized by MAVESSE as well.


MAVESSE is supplying servicing on industrial, nuclear, governmental and military sites in France and overseas.

Quality Policy

MAVESSE is ISO 9001 :2008 certified by INTERTEK Certification.